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Heritage. Experience. Devotion. These characteristics represent Old Ocean House Farms, a pristine working farm founded in the late 1800s, which prides itself in providing ecologically grown fruits and vegetables to our community. Our produce is available at the Portland Farmers Market and served at some of the finest area restaurants.

For thousands of years, food was eaten for its curative and medicinal properties. Our focus in growing antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense foods continues with the arrival of additional heirloom berries and vegetables. We are Maine’s first commercial grower of the Saskatoon berry, an early bearing fruit with a high ORAC value and potent antioxidant

Achieving and maintaining good health and slimming down is a rewarding experience. Our bodies require six essential nutrient classes growth and maintenance, as well as organ, tissue and cellular repair. Many medical experts, nutritionists and researchers believe that the average American diet does not provide adequate amounts of several key essential nutrients. Old Ocean House Farms’ supplements are researched, selected and formulated to help provide that balance of the essential nutrients.

Rodney J. Voisine, owner and founder of Old Ocean House Farms, has degrees in pharmacy and medicine which have fueled his interest in researching and procuring herbs and foods from around the world for their healing and preventative properties. He has spent considerable time developing the Old Ocean House Farms brand of fundamental dietary supplements for those who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle. He is Medical Director at Rodney J. Voisine, MD, PA in South Portland, Maine, where he introduced the Anew10  program in 2014 and has helped hundreds of patients achieve healthy weight loss.

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